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Transform your life insurance policy into Wealth.

  • Do you have a need for additional finances?
  • Have you considered surrendering your life insurance policy to the insurer for cash value?
  • Have your life insurance needs changed?
  • Are your life insurance premiums too high?

Replace your unwanted life insurance policy with a cash settlement higher than your insurer's surrender value.

Call us today to learn more (toll free) 866-547-7009.

There is no cost or obligation. Ever.

AMG Financial Services
specializes in Life Settlements. We assist clients in selling their life insurance policies, acquiring policies for buyers.

In today's turbulent economy, there are few options for achieving positive returns. Whether you are an individual or company, Life Settlements offer the opportunity to recover from losses you may have incurred in today's business markets as well as hedge corporate revenues, pension plans and business investments. Life Settlements are immune to stock market risk and interest rate fluctuations. Life Settlements may also be considered attractive collateral for bank lending and are suitable for many non-profit strategies.

Read further on the benefits of Life Settlements -
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Find out if your policy is qualified to sell.
Visit us here.

Contact us today to learn how our licensed team will work for you.

AMG Financial Services' brokers are registered with the North Carolina Department of Insurance in Senior Life Settlements, Viatical Settlements and Life Insurance.

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