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AMG Group of Companies
99 Jackson Street, No. 4629
Davidson, NC 28036

Office: 866.547.7009
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the AMG Group of Companies

AMG Financial Services

Successful organizations require coherent and explicit blueprints that meet the demands of a changing competitive environment.  AMG Financial Services provides a defined and differentiated method for developing these opportunities and for leveraging internal strengths to sustain long-term growth and value.

Our main focus is increasing the Client's ability to effectively release their innovative power to achieve financing for short and long term goals.  We will assist in the preparation and introduction to targeted investors.   By closing the gap between operational goals and corporate objectives, AMG Financial Services will provide specific guidance and a clear understanding of what your organization needs.

The President of AMG Financial Services is Cindy Castano Swannack, with over 30 years of experience in client relations and business development, and has been a licensed investment advisor carrying a Series 7, Series 63 and the Series 65 securities licenses (SEC/FINRA). Prior to founding AMG Financial Services, she worked in the financial markets of the United States, London, England and Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in high value, multi-million dollar accounts.  Cindy is also a member of InfraGuard, the public/private relationship between business and the FBI for the purpose of preventing hostile acts towards the United States. 

"We believe boldness is critical in difficult times, in times of recession - that people look at a crisis as an opportunity, an opportunity for change, an opportunity for challenging traditional business models and the way of doing things."
- Lionel Barber, Editor of the London Financial Times
   (Boldness in Business Awards Presentation)

"Bold companies and brave leaders are the ones that see opportunity where their competitors see only danger. They are not afraid to take risks that may transform their company and even change their industry. However, they do so from a position of confidence in their own abilities and judgment..."
- London Financial Times Boldness in Business introduction

 Disclaimer: AMG Financial Services as a company is not a licensed securities dealer, broker, US investment adviser, certified public accountant or law firm. Though AMG Financial Services may partner with various other registered entities to service our clients, we are acting as facilitators for our clients. We are not a securities dealer, broker, or US investment adviser nor acting in such a capacity.

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